Updating an old rdram dell datinggood com

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If the maximum capacity is 4GB, you will purchase two 2GB chips.

Remove the old RAM chip by opening the locking gates on either side of the chip and pulling the chip up and out of its gated slot.

Lift out the keyboard and examine the RAM chip located to the right center of the mother board.

On later models, turn the laptop over and look for the memory hatch.

updating an old rdram dell-73

updating an old rdram dell-45

updating an old rdram dell-77

updating an old rdram dell-70

These are in different locations in each model; consult the owner's manual to determine the proper order and procedure.

Its possible to put 533 or maybe even 800 parts in the board because the sockets are the same, but the chips will not run at their full speed because the clock multiply is wrong. Even though some faster P4 processors would work, the slightly slower 2.4GHz seemed like it was a lot more available and cheaper.

For the upgrade processor I decided to go with the 2.4GHz 400MHz FSB RK80532PC056512. The RAM in this machine is the somewhat oddball PC800 RDRAM.

Note the position of the groove on the bottom of chip towards the center of the connector tab.

When installing the new chip, make certain the groove is in the same position before pushing the chip into the gated slot.

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